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7/22/13 - Nate Bradley
Rogue Shooter: First Look
The textures pictured here are placeholders. The space station isnít actually made of brick and concrete. (Or is it?)
We are hard at work on Rogue Shooter: The FPS Rogue-Like.
In this game you will battle your way through a randomly generated space station that is overrun with aliens, killer robots, and giant carnivorous plants!
You wonít be alone in this fight though, you will have plenty of guns to keep you company. Everything from Plasma Rifles to Rocket Launchers to the fabled Shotgun Trident will be at your fingertips!
As you progress you will level up and gain perks such as the ability to carry more items or strike with improved melee attacks.
Can you make it to the 200th floor and discover the source of the stationís corruption?

No, you probably cannot, but you can have fun trying.
Expect more information on Rogue Shooter soon!